A downloadable game for Windows

Start with nothing but an empty pot in your dry garden. Plant, water, and grow healthy succulent plants while clicking away at pesky bugs that are trying to invade your garden and damage your precious plants.

This game is played entirely with the mouse.

  • Use the Target tool to squash incoming insects with a single click. Some bugs are tough and might need more than one!
  • Use the Shovel tool to add soil to an empty pot with a single click. After that....
  • Use the Watering tool! Click and hold on a pot filled with soil to hydrate it. After a bit, you’ll see a beautiful succulent in its place! (You don’t need to water them at this point.)

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .zip folder and double-click "Succulentia.exe" (If a Windows pop-up appears preventing the game from running, click on "More info" and then "Run Anyway")


Succulentia-LD45.zip 8 MB


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Looks Cute! Web build when?

Hi! Unfortunately, we use SFML which does not feature web export. Sorry, but i hope to get a gnu/linux and mac build up at some point